Friday, August 28, 2015

DIY Vanilla Extract

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           Vanilla extract is expensive, and GOOD vanilla extract is even pricier. It seems that somewhere in the bottling process the vanilla is mixed with the tears of Jesus.

           My brother in law, Brian,  had been inquiring how to make his own vanilla extract. Now he's not the biggest baker so I was confused, until I received the BEST birthday present. Now bless his heart he bought a beautiful brand of bourbon to infuse with the vanilla bean, Kings County Distillery. Don't feel pressured to buy expensive bottles like Brian; however the better the bourbon you use, the better the finished product. Hopefully this will help feed your insatiable baking habit!

I recommend Kings County or Makers Mark. 
I like Makers Mark in my cakes for the same reason I like it in my whiskey sours, the delicious vanilla undertones.

Here's what you'll need:

750 ml - bottle of your favorite bourbon
6 - vanilla beans

Pour out about 2 shots worth of bourbon ( to make room for your addition of vanilla)
Next slice the vanilla beans vertically, drop them in the bourbon bottle and replace your lid.

Store the bottle in a cool dry pantry for 12 weeks before use. Shake every few weeks.
For more extracts and infusions leave comments or e-mail what you would like to see!

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