Monday, October 12, 2015

Smart — Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins

We are officially in pumpkin season. That means that for the next 3 months we must all consume and create all the pumpkin products we possibly can. Ready, set, go!

We can lose ourselves and our waist line during what I like to call 'butter season'. So lets ease into this together with these Weight Watchers Muffins. STOP! Before you write off this recipe hear me out! For those of you who read the blog know that I am a chocolate fiend, so trust that these little cakes won't disappoint. (Isn't that all muffins are? Bald cupcakes?)

And making these couldn't be easier, there are only 2 ingredients! A box of chocolate cake mix—I used Pillsbury Moist Supreme—and a 15 oz can of pumpkin puree. Mix together, distribute into a muffin tine and bake at 400 Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. Voila !

However I could not stop I may have added more chocolate...ok I did. I added about 1/2 cup of Ghirardelli white chocolate chips. Optional, but definitely adds a level of sweetness. So try them, what do you have to lose? 5 bucks of ingredients and 180 calories?

1 (15 oz) can of pumpkin puree
1 box of chocolate cake mix

Moist, delicious, and only 180 calories!
2.5 grams of fat
37 carbs
2.5 grams of fiber
3 grams of protein
3 Weight Watchers Points

Sunday, October 4, 2015

[A new] Birthday Cake Favorite

       I'm a simple girl, chocolate on chocolate is the way to my heart. My first 21 birthday cakes were decadent layers of rich chocolate cake, for me to find a new favorite is a big deal.
Que my mother to out-do herself! She found this Martha Stewart recipe and knew it was the one for me.
          If you have a special person in your life who loves milk chocolate, this is the treat to make them. Not only is this cake riddled with butter deliciousness, it has flecks of chocolate throughout the batter.
Can you hear your arteries slamming shut yet? Once you read the ingredients you'll understand why this is a 'once in a while cake'. But oh so worth the trouble of staying at the gym an extra half hour.
Dig in and be prepared for everyone to request this dessert.